Photographers, you are welcome here at Anderson Sunflower Farm!

Sometimes we get asked, “How do you define a photographer”? If you are charging your clients to come to the farm so that you can take photos of them, then you’re a photographer. If you just have a really cool camera and are taking photos for yourself, you aren’t a photographer (at least while you’re at the sunflower farm).

It is $40 per client/session (mini or full sessions). Photographers are responsible for paying for session(s) upon arrival (cash or check only). Your clients are exempt from the $20 parking fee, so make sure your clients tell us they are with you when they arrive to avoid the parking fee.

Fill out the form below and show us your printout when you arrive the day of your shoot.



Just click the image below to download the form. Print it, fill it out, and bring with you the day of your shoot.